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Classics are works that are immune to the passing whims of the present. They are never rewritten, but re-interpreted on the basis of a changed world. The analog LEICA M7 is such a classic. Silver halide photography with a Leica M has a special appeal: the understandable process of exposing the film and the chemical processing of the same piece of material create an emotional relationship with the subject and the camera. The concentration when taking the photograph, the keen anticipation of the literally tangible images and the excellent results are all arguments in favor of analog Leica M cameras.


 As an alternative to the familiar manual method of exposure adjustment - which, of course, can still be used - the LEICA M7 offers a convenient, continuously variable, aperture priority mode with an exposure lock via the shutter release. This allows you to focus easily, compose quickly and thus devote your full attention to taking the photograph.


With its range of intelligent features, the M7 gives you many options for picture composition. TTL flash exposure measurement takes the risk out of flash photography. Creative latitude is offered by synchronization times down to 1/1000 s and flash synchronization at the second shutter curtain. Viewfinder displays facilitate photography with long exposure times.


Ergonomically located right next to the shutter release button, the ON/OFF button activates the electronics of the LEICA M7 and also disables the shutter release when the camera is switched off. There is now a choice of either manual or automatic film speed setting (DX coding), eliminating the risk of annoying exposure errors due to wrong ISO settings. The stepless aperture priority mode ensures reliable and precise exposure. And a system that is unique for rangefinder cameras gives a clearly legible display of all the information in the viewfinder of the LEICA M7 - even in critical side light.

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